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Steven is a born and raised New York City actor and first became dedicated to the craft of acting while studying abroad in London, England during his undergraduate college years at


   This was an unexpected journey because Steven was focused on his collegiate baseball career and wanted to pursue a career in TV and film production. Initially he wanted to study with the BBC in Great Britain before being accepted to the study abroad program. Unfortuneatly the majority of the BBC faculty radio and TV production courses were unavailable but do to his exposure to the arts by his parents and his admiration for the theater it compelled him to choose theater courses for the majority of his curriculm. Unexpectedly he became enamored with the texts of Shakespeare and was blessed with a wonderful British Shakespearean actress-teacher where she gave him his first lessons as an actor by encouraging him to embrace exploration of one`s own intuition and stating "There is no wrong answer". On a fateful evening in November of 1995 while attending a production of "Othello" at the Bridewall Theatre , Steven was watching the ensemble cast and began to visualize himself in the character of Othello and made a out loud verbal proclamation to himself that "I can do this" during the performance.

After receiving his BA in Mass Communications from SUNY OSWEGO, Steven committed himself to an acting career and he was accepted to The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. He was placed under the tutelage of the late great Irma Sandrey (an Actors Studio member and the senior teacher) at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Upon completion of his Method acting training at LSTI, Steven went on to act in various productions in theater (Off & Off-Off Broadway), Indie films, TV, national and regional commercials and athletic print ad modeling. He became a proud SAG-AFTRA and AEA union member during this time. The most notable of Steven’s lead and principal roles were in films called  “Game Day” a Toronto Film Festival nominee starring actor/comedian (from the HBO “Curb Your Enthusiasm” hit show) Richard Lewis and “Love Goggles” a Urban World Film Festival Winner co-starring Q-Tip hip hop artist legend from the group” A Tribe Called Quest”fame. Currently Steven is still auditioning and has embarked on an additional path within the acting industry as a teacher. He is currently receiving his teacher apprenticeship training at the Barrow Group Theatre.

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